Between Magazine Issue 03 – Review


Between Magazine – A Norwegian graffiti journal
We got this mag sent to us by mail, we got really surprised by the new bold layout and the good quality of the pictures! There is a lot of stuff happening now days in Norway. It seems like since a couple of years there been popping up some new names and crews that are really doing great stuff! This issue starts with an interview of the Oslo legend Skog (VIMOALL). He is a great inspiration for all of the Scandinavian train writing scene, It was great reading about him.

-Skog “Let’s rather discuss styles, than individuals. I can’t understand why people bother to make the same perfect pieces again and again and again. there’s a word for that; stagnation.”

After that we have some more interviews and photo specials with Mast (ATK), Piv (EKS, IKE, OGS), Lebird (TND), Stör (ME, RPS, MÖE) and Noe (LMK, ALTGR).

This full-color high quality magazine in 100 pages is really great.
Go get the magazine now over in their shop!! Check also out their GIF


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