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Freshly Painted 2

The “Freshly Painted” series is the first American graffiti movie released intentionally for free to the YouTube viewing public. “Freshly Painted” is your chance to take a glimpse into the lives and activities of real, ground level American writers using Fresh Paint and a variety of other brands.

Skil, TD – Interview


Your style has evolved over the years. You are one of those who are at the forefront and takes Graffiti on, a trendsetter. Do you feel pressure or expectation from others?
Thanks for the kind words but it’s probably others that are more prominent than I am at the present. I like to develop my style and not stagnate and do very low repetitions. I probably feel no pressure from others to have to prove something but I have enough pressure on myself not to be sufficiently creative. Nowadays I’m just trying to paint (if I have time) when I have the energy and desire to not have to like it to feel boring. For more of the interview (in Swedish) and pictures visit