Aper – The maple syrup


Okay so he’s not an actual monster, nor is he made of Maple Syrup, but he is Canadian. And this is an interview. He’s also a relentless and tenacious graffiti writer, with his mark made all around the world – particularly anywhere with a little snow. With a recognisable North American legible style, he drops gigantic throwies, pieces and stompers wherever he goes, in the most insane of places also. He’s a pretty cheeky dude, so strap yourself in for an interesting interview. MTN Australia presents – Aper.

G’day Aper, what’s happening?
Hey man! I’m actually on Interrail now, my feet smell terrible.

To get things started, fill us in on the basics. Where do you call home, what crew(s) are you in, and where did the name ‘Aper’ come from?
I would like to say I call Canada home, but in the last few years I have spent more time overseas than in my own country. I spend most of my time in Montreal, However I am originally from a small fishing village, and would be considered a redneck in larger cities. I rep VC and TRG. I started writing Aper in ’03 – ’04, it doesn’t have any special meaning. It was just a name that nobody else was writing at the time.

We’ve noticed you like to get around, and seem to get a lot done wherever you go. Where would you say are your favourite places to travel to? Any stories of funny foreign happenings?
Yea I really like travelling. Canada is boring, and I am banned from TO for 5 years. I think Eastern Europe is probably the most fun, and for sure the most challenging (at times). Germany and France are also fun. Italy is cool too, until you get run over by a drunk Roman on a scooter, or catch Ebola. I got robbed by the police in Kiev with my crew mate after we drank 2 bottles of vodka and tried to break into a beer kiosk with a stop sign we ripped out of the cement. We both vomited in a taxi afterwards and then the driver chased us around the street with a baseball bat. We made it back to his cab before him and did window acid tags on his windshield. That was a bad night. Later that week, on my way to Berlin from Warsaw, a Polish guy on steroids banged his girlfriend in front of me in our cabin on the night train after two bottles of vodka. Dear Tomek and Marta (their names), if you ever read this interview, you are disgusting people and your sex positions are unoriginal and you need to shave.
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