2Shy – Timidinos exhibition


For his second solo show and for the first time in Paris, 2Shy makes his return with “Timidinos” at Le Salon. The exhibition opens on the 16th of April and will be on view until the end of April.
Inside an atmosphere straight out of a cartoon, the artist creates a strange urban wildlife through an animated scene with his new characters, the Timidinos. Dodging glances on street corners, pulling sidesteps and tricks on the spot, 2Shy sets the stage surrounding his multicolored medley of animals and captures them in snapshot portraits, caught up within the daily grind.
With nods to Fraggle Rock, Shadok’s and 90’s fantastic imagery, the exhibition reveals the artist’s illustrator skills in practice of a new media with these thirteen characters. Time stops for 2Shy’s gang and reservations are laid to rest in a concrete coffin in Timidinos city. Olivier 2Shy lives and works in Paris. 2Shy was part of the creative renaissance that took over Paris in the late 1990s and it was in this playground that he honed his distinctive style.
He is now based in Paris where he eats, paints, and draws up ideas from all over the world. 2SHY is known for his naive yet rebellious style that mixes up bold colours, references to popular culture, comics, computer games with a touch of optical art, showcasing an original style that is versatile across multiple mediums and scales.

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