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Vice – “Copenhagen Graffiti 1985-2016”

Copenhagen Graffiti 1985-2016_Book Spraydaily 01 Vice made a article about our latest book “Copenhagen Graffiti 1985-2016”, check it out if you understand Danish: www.vice.com/en_dk Get the book here: Spraydaily.com/shop There is something mythological about the first generation of Copenhagen graffiti painters. Back in the early eighties a handful of pioneers foundation for a subculture that ever since has had a special place in Copenhagen as well as in the rest of the country. The inspiration came from New York, which is the art form cradle, but it was not long before the Danish heirs found their own stylistic expression – aided by an almost unheard of talent that got peers in other European cities to look enviously at the pieces that appeared along the railway and on the red mailbox commuter trains. On the sidelines stood writer Disk – then a 13-year-old boy from the province – during a summer holiday in Copenhagen he snapped the first images of underground graffiti book COPENHAGEN GRAFFITI 1985-2016, which has just been published. Today he has been active as a graffiti artist in more years than most younger writers even existed, and he continued to photograph the pieces in and around Copenhagen, always with analog camera.

Exhibition with Sabe & Jest at Le Fix

Sabe & Jest exhibition

Le Fix are proud to show two of the danish graffiti scenes real pioneers and true graff writers through out more than 30 years, Sabe and Jest.

This time we open the show in a Popup Le Fix Gallery at Møntergade 3 / 1116 Copenhagen K.
We are Looking forward to see you to the Opening night with sounds by Dj Kruzhém and Dj Pac. there will also be Electric Boogie & Break Dance by Big City Brains. There will be beers to make the whole night flow together with these true elements of Hip Hop. It will take place Thursday April 30, more info here

Graffiti video: Ulovlig Kunst (Denmark 1987)

Ulovlig Kunst (Illegal Art) is a 24 minutes documentary about the early days of graffiti in Copenhagen. The film was made back in 1987 and features names like:  Kin, Bomb, Rezq, Toys crew, Soe, Shoe, Joker, Sketzh Cosmic crew, Karen Thisted, Secher, Mode2, Jap, Dst, Bates, Reace Juice, Decoy, Jest, Joy, Metal, Egon Weidekamp. The documentary is in danish language and unfortunately without subtitles.