Hello My Name Is: Merlot [FNF]


Name: Merlot
Crew: FNF
City/Country: Seattle, USA

When did you start writing? I started piecing in 2007.

What’s graffiti for you? Fun most of all but also a way to be creative, get your name out there, and relieve stress.

Influences? I get a lot of influence from 90’s track jackets 
But artist wise, if I had to name a few; Rime, Sen2, Doves, Musa, and Lady Diva.

What keeps you still writing? The constant desire to want to improve and take my pieces to the next level.

How would you describe your style? Bold and beautiful. Wild fill, fades for days, fat outlines… NY fats are all I need.

What do you do when you’re not painting? Nerdy graphic design stuff.

Is it important that people see your stuff and you get recognition? I’m just gonna work hard, and stay humble.

Which writers are worth mentioning in your city, who’s up or have the best styles? KYT, BTM, and DVS have a lot of history here, and have been doing it for years. DFS has been destroying shit lately… and as far as style goes, being innovative and pushing the limits, I would have to say Video MFK, Isrek AUB, and Aerub.

Future plans? Go bigger.

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