New video out from Not Guilty Press, Check it out for tons of action and running!


Short video showing a stressy tunnel action in Athens with guards getting closer!


Cargopower – Part 2

Part 2 of Cargopower is now out, check it out for 42 minutes of freight train painting in The Netherlands, Germany and many more countries!


MOM: A Day With Sabio

Straight out of Philadelphia to the world, Sabio has been pushing boundaries & style when it comes to this global movement we call “writing” or “graffiti.” Residing in NYC for the last 18 years & splitting almost half the year in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil for the last 12, travel & culture has advanced Sabio’s distinct creative approach. Titled “MOM” after her direct reaction from seeing her house tagged, it started for him at that very moment. Here he teams up with Eddie Grams & spends a day searching & sharing some insight on history and what motivates “Supreme Articulation Bouncing In Orbit.”


The Real Time Web Series is a project that showcases past and present graffiti writers from New Zealand. The series presents the writers real time working process from start to finish accompanied by a narration of answers to questions that have been created by an online audience.

00:19 Background and history, 19:00 Influences and inspiration, 37:04 Style, Techniques, and spray paint, 47:41 Process and Creativity, 57:01Opinions and Advice.

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