Finally the second Damagers video will be out May 15, 2017. watch the trailer, you wont be disappointed!


Midnight Madness has embarked on that difficult mission of transmitting the plethora of sensations that are lived out during metro or train activity with a series of videos in which MTN Speed plays a fundamental role.


5 Minutes with GBR Crew

Two great videos just released featuring GBR Crew and friends. Watch them paint metros and trains in Hamburg and Amsterdam.


The Convoy Stories

The convoy travels around Europe. We found this 10 minutes graffiti video featuring Spider Mike and Rubber Duck from FAME and DTS crews painting trains Paris, Marseille and Madrid. Edited by: Stayout.


In our seventh episode of our video series called SKETCHY PEEPS we feature graffiti writer Abyss. Follow the process, get inspired and maybe also learn some tricks! If you are into sketching also make sure to check out the Stylefile Markers in our shop.

MUSIC: LL.Cool.Boleslavic

You should also check out our Graff TV episode with Abyss here:

SKETCHY PEEPS is a series of graffiti videos from SPRAY DAILY™. As the name says it’s all about paper styles and sketching. Each episode features one writer, a bunch of markers and a sketchbook. Follow the process from an empty white paper to the finished sketch. Presented in 1.5 minute videos.

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