CITY KINGZ x SPRAY DAILY Hand style battle

WIN A BOX OF MAD MAXXX CANS! We are happy to announce a hand style battle with our friends over at The rules are simple, write CITYKINGZ MAD BATTLE with your best hand style and post on your Instagram. To participate just use the tags #citykingzmadbattle @CITYKINGZ @SPRAYDAILY in your post(s) and follow @CITYKINGZ and include the tags  .

Three selected winners will get a 6-pack of MTN MAD MAXXX cans for free. Winners will be presented 31/10. To participate you need to be living inside EU and have an open Instagram profile.


Sketchy Peeps 014 – Skore79

In our fourteenth episode of our video series called SKETCHY PEEPS we feature graffiti writer Skore79. Follow the process, get inspired and maybe also learn some tricks! If you are into sketching also make sure to check out the Stylefile Markers in our shop.


SKETCHY PEEPS is a series of graffiti videos from SPRAY DAILY™. As the name says it’s all about paper styles and sketching. Each episode features one writer, a bunch of markers and a sketchbook. Follow the process from an empty white paper to the finished sketch. 

Watch the Graff TV episode we did with Skore79 here: