Graffiti Video – Cekios

Cekios is one of Australia’s most well known and notorious writers. He calls Brisbane home, but it can be hard to tell, as his work always seems to be cropping up all over the place. From panels in Brissy with his WTCS homies to this killer in Sydney (next to GUZO, who’s video we just featured recently), Cekios seems to be happy to get up wherever he roams.

Interview – Alone [RT, INS]

Alone_SprayDaily_01 Alone_SprayDaily_02

Who introduced you to the world of graffiti, and how was it?
Was ‘96/’97 and a guy (disappeared few years later) was smashing my polite hometown with tags, outlines and silver pieces everywhere. I got fascinated from him so I opened the vocabulary and I picked up a name to started to write around. Than 90s Hip Hop, the fanzines and the local train scene have done the rest.

Who would you think is the most influent graffiti writer at the moment?
By my point some of the kings out there are crews like BST, HM, CTO and some of the classic masters like KEGR, SABE, FAME crew, CP crew, plus some american handstyles. There is a lot more but it’s hard to say everyone.
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Book Release – Same Same™

Moses_SprayDailySame Same™, Release April 21
MOSES & TAPS™ are without a doubt two of the most active and creative writers on earth. Although their avant-garde works often leave traditional paths there is always a clear reference to graffiti. Their debut book INTERNATIONAL TOPSPRAYER™ became one of the most read graffiti books worldwide and the number of sold copies has meanwhile reached a five-digit number. With that work they demonstrated the spectrum of their artistic ability as well as they presented an essential work of reference.

SAME SAME™ is the title of a photobook which focuses on MOSES & TAPS™ throw ups and their surroundings. “As to form graffiti is redundant due to a repetitive personal style. As to content graffiti is redundant due to a repeating name. Therefore, the most exciting moment – the symbiosis of graffiti and its surrounding – can only be achieved if the individuality of the painted steps in the background,” TM™ explain the idea behind their project. Thus, SAME SAME™ is not supposed to continue INTERNATIONAL TOPSPRAYER™ but it is to solve the dilemma between ‘perfect piece’ and ‘perfect photograph’. Again MOSES & TAPS™ take the viewer on their probably never-ending journeys travelling the continents: tunnels in Berlin, the Trans-Siberian Railway, or NATO military training areas; blue and yellow Easter eggs do not only travel the world on thousands of freight cars any longer. Buy it here

Hello My Name Is: Hoom [FK]


Name: Hoom
Crew: FK, MHD
City/Country: Sweden at the moment…

When did you start writing: 2002
Quantity vs quality: Quantity 4 life.
What keeps you still writing: Dont know if i think to much about it i dont feel like painting the next few days haha!
Future plans: Get a swedish passport for sure.